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Limited Edition Vinyl

A limited edition signed/numbered hand-cut acetate vinyl, certificate of registration included. A collector’s item only, not suitable for repeated play. These are unmastered demo singles of the forthcoming (Nov 2019) release, “Musical Chairs: A Comparsa For Artist Rights.” A hand-drawn chair illustration by Michelle Shocked, on quality vellum, is included on the label.

Ten titles are available, in a limited supply of 100 each, for a production total of 1000. Each title is available for $100. Hey! This ain’t no charity!

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  • “The internet has failed.” March 17, 2019
    I have nothing to add … … except perhaps to tell everyone who would say T Bone Burnett is “clinging to old models” to go [...] The post “The internet has failed.” appeared first on The Illusion of More.
    David Newhoff

Surveillance Valley

The New Yorker endorses Surveillance Valley: “Contentious…forceful…salutary”

The New Yorker reviewed Surveillance Valley in its April 9, 2018 Issue. The verdict? It’s all praise: “Contentious…forceful…salutary.” Read more

Medium.com/Neil Turkewitz

In Defense of Unfair Competition: A Skewed Tale of Sorrow & Mischief

by Neil Turkewitz

Okay, so I just finished reading “Unfair Disruption” by Mark A. Lemley and Mark P. McKenna. Wait, that’s not really accurate. I confess to finding it unreadable, by which I do not mean illegible. The type face was fine. The content itself — arguing that copyright owners are fundamentally allergic to technology and predisposed to reject “innovation” in favor of maintaining an antiquated status quo, was badly in need of some disruption. In any event, I do want to acknowledge that I “skimmed” it would be more accurate than saying I “read” it. Read more

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  • Ready to Rumba? March 7, 2019
      “In the spring of the year, the time when kings go out to battle,” Ides say March is a splendid month to sally forth, wouldn’t you? Two weeks from now, March 17, by invitation only, I’ll be warming up … Continue reading →
    Michelle Shocked

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  • Grassroots or US Cyberturf? Who Tweets on EU Copyright March 17, 2019
    Editors Note: In light of the very recent article by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on efforts by cyberturfers Create.Refresh to pay YouTubers to influence debate on the EU Copyright Directive, this analysis of influencers on Twitter is extraordinarily important.  Please note, this article was reworked from earlier version, omitting location data that proved to be unreliable). […]

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  • YouTube continues to profit off the pain of others. March 8, 2019
    YouTube is a money machine for Google. While actual numbers are hard to come by, it’s estimated that the online video hub brings in upwards of $15 billion annually.With that much money at stake, it’s not surprising that its business model continues to put profits over people. In 2015, following the on-air murder of a […]
    Ellen Seidler

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  • NEW! Group Registration for Unpublished Works March 19, 2019
    Last week, the U.S. Copyright Office launched a new group registration option for unpublished works. Many creators previously used the “unpublished collection” option to register these unpublished works. If you are one of those creators, pay close attention because this new group registration option has replaced the unpublished collection registration option. The New Group Registration […]
    Claudia Lima